Trifinity flywheel VIP GROUP

The most comprehensive 16 week online group


Work out wherever you want

with the kBox

It’s as amazing as it sounds. You can work out exactly where you want and when you want. The kBox is small, light and can be stored in the closet, under the bed or sofa. Easy to take out and put away. The kbox is easily packed in the car for the weekend and the summer house, business trip or other occasions when you are simply just “on the go”. Taking the gym with you and creating endless opportunities for activity and training at this level has never been easier.

Over 40 movements and exercises for the whole body – that actually covers the most. The kBox is an incredible piece of equipment for both you who only want to use it to get in shape and for you who want to use it as a complement to your current training and sport of your choice. We see incredible potential in the machine and it is only the imagination that sets the limits of what it can do – Something that we are very good at when it comes to training.

  • Take the "gym" with you wherever you go
  • Automatically adapts to your level
  • Over 40 different movements and exercises for the whole body
  • Light, flexible and easy to use
  • Includes 3 different flywheels, kbar, kgrips, hip belt, drive belt, angle adjuster and flywheel bag



The Flywheel group’s training plans are built and developed by Trifinity Training’s own trained and licensed Exxentric training coaches and personal trainers. We have, together with Exxentric’s product specialists, developed the most effective exercises, combinations and techniques to achieve maximum results from the training. The plans are carefully structured where each muscle group gets an optimal training volume and the rest needed for recovery. We instruct you from your first step and repetition you take with the kBox and build on as you develop. There is no special level you need to be at to get started – the training is completely adapted from where you are right now. With pictures, texts and video instructions for each exercise we will succeed, together!

  • No previous experience with flywheel training is required. We teach you everything you need!
  • Flywheel - training plan
  • Continuously new inspiring training plans
  • Motivational, inspiring and fun workouts
  • Personal coaching and continuous adjustments

Custom made nutrition plans


The diet is a major part of your results and your overall health. We put a great amount of focus on finding a working long-term solution for you.  We build the diet on the basis of your current diet, lifestyle and goals. Based on your diet diary, which we review and analyze, we step by step build and optimize your diet according to the goals you have: weight loss, muscle building, cardiovascular health or finding a healthy routine that works for you. No radical swings to the right and left that usually end with a break after a while. As always, we focus on simplicity: easy to shop, easy to prepare and easy to eat. We have time and time again seen that this way works and therefore we will of course continue with it.

  • Analysis of diet diary
  • Custom made nutrition plans
  • Consultation, guidance and adjustments to optimize your diet

Trifinity Flywheel VIP group


All Trifinity Flywheel training members get their own account with access to the group’s VIP page. This amazing group is only available to you. Here begins the journey towards your goals, your development, increased performance and a healthier life. We take care of you from the time you submit your application and ensure that you get started in the right way. Here we also share different training tips, nutrition tips, questions and answers and much more. Everything step by step and well structured so that you stay motivated to continue the journey towards your goals. All members are anonymous on the site. Questions and weekly check-ins end up through secure forms to us and feedback on these is sent directly to you. We have always worked close to our clients and with our VIP groups we have taken the step further and can really do it in the best possible way. Everything saved in one place!

  • Access to Trifinity Flywheel VIP Group
  • Everything well structured, step by step, so that you get started and maintain this journey you are beginning.
  • Weekly check-ins, diet and exercise tips
  • Questions and answers
  • All information and materials stored in one place

Trifinity Flywheel membership

16 week online group

  • kBox and accessories
    Your equipment for the entire length of the membership. Read more under "questions and answers" at the bottom of the page.
  • Training plans with videos and instructions
  • Custom designed nutrition plans
  • Access to VIP Group
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Unlimited support - support and advice 24/7
  • Motivation, guidance and encouragement
  • Get 236€ in credit if you want to buy the kBox
(189€) 119€/month

Price including VAT. Membership is paid monthly in installments.
The price includes the kBox, which is yours for the entire length of the group.
Shipping fee of 59€ is added to the first installment. Shipping fee is also added if you want to send back the kBox after the group has ended.

Free return at agreed location within the Vaasa and Mustasaari area (Finland).

receive 236€ in credit after the end of the group

With most certainty you want to continue training with the kBox after the end of the group – it is that fun and effective to train with it. We have thought about this and you will get 236 € in credit if you want to buy the kBox. You can also continue to rent it.

You have 4 months to think about it – first we do the Trifinity Flywheel VIP group! Let’s go!

“Taking the gym with you and creating endless opportunities for activity and training at this level has never been easier. An absolutely fantastic opportunity in the time we live in right now.”- Robert


Trifinity Flywheel-group starts 30.8.2021 and has a limited number of spots available. Therefore, do not wait to send in your application. We look forward to hearing from you!


We want to keep what we promise and be able to give our clients the best possible coaching. We want to be able to give each of you the time, care and focus that you deserve. Therefore, we must keep a limited number of clients who can be coached at a time. We do not work for quantity but quality.

That’s when we — together — succeed.


What is a kBox?

Exxentric’s kBox uses the flywheel principle to create optimal resistance / force in the concentric and eccentric phases of strength training. The flywheel and the design of the box provide unique benefits for the most efficient possible training. The kbox provides stepless resistance without the need to change weights. It weighs only 15kg and with its compact dimensions it is easy to place, move and take with you “on the go”. Perfect for you who want to use it as a complement to your current training, for you who do not train at a gym or simply for you who want to find new, fun and effective ways to train.

What does it mean that I get 236 € if I want to buy the kBox?

Many of you will, most certainly, want to buy the kBox after the group has ended. We have thought about this and it is actually as good as it sounds – you get 236 € credited when you buy your kBox after the group. This means that we deduct that amount, 236 €, from the kBox’s price. It really is an awesome deal! You have 4 months to think about it and at the end of the group you can easily fill in whether you want to use the deal or not.

Are both the kBox and the coaching really included in the price?

Yes! Everything we told you about above is included in the price. The kbox will be your training equipment for the entire length of the group and you only pay the shipping fee at the beginning of the group and if you want to send it back after the group has ended. Please note that you will lose the € 236 credit if you return it. That credit is only available if you want to buy the kBox.

Can I join even though I have never trained with kBox before?

Yes! That’s the best thing about this – it suits everyone no matter what level you are at! This training will, with the kBox and together with our coaching, automatically adapt to you and the level you are at right now. This without having to go to the gym or build a home gym that burns holes in your wallet. Fantastic!

How do I proceed if I want to continue renting the kBox after the group has ended?

We will give you all the information you need on the VIP page as we approach the end of the group. You will be able to choose whether you want to buy the kBox, continue to rent it (59 € / month) or send it back. We take care of all the administrative work and all you need to do is choose how you want to proceed. It’s that easy and smooth!