What is included in BackInShape



training plan

BackInShape’s training plan is built for those who wants to succeed with your training at the gym or at home. We have used the most effective exercises, combinations and techniques. We have carefully structured the programs where each muscle group gets optimal training volume and rest needed for recovery. The training plans are based on 4 days of strength training per week and you will stay motivated with a new training plan every 6th week and be able taking the steps closer to your goals every day. The programs are proven by our clients and with pictures, texts and video instructions for each exercise we will, together, succeed!

  • BackInShape - training plan
  • New inspirational training plan every 6th week
  • Adjustments if there are exercises you can't do or machines that your gym doesn't have

Analysis of diet diary

Optimizes your diet

The diet is a major part of your results and your overall health. We put a great amount of focus on finding a working long-term solution for you.  We build the diet on the basis of your current diet, lifestyle and goals. Based on your diet diary, which we review and analyze, we step by step build and optimize your diet according to the goals you have: weight loss, muscle building, cardiovascular health or finding a healthy routine that works for you. No radical swings to the right and left that usually end with a break after a while. As always, we focus on simplicity: easy to shop, easy to prepare and easy to eat. We have time and time again seen that this way works and therefore we will of course continue with it.

  • Analysis of diet diary
  • Consultation, guidance and adjustments to optimize your diet

BackInShape VIP group

Your own log-in account

New for this year is that all BackInShape members will have their own account with access to the BackInShape group’s VIP page. This group is only available to BackInShape members. Here you will find weekly assignments, weekly check-ins, exercise tips, nutrition tips, questions and answers and much more available. Everything is step by step ready and well-structured to keep you on track and motivated to continue to achieve your goals. All members are anonymous on the site. Questions and weekly check-ins will end up with secure questionnaires to us and feedback on these will be sent directly to you. We have always worked close with our clients. Now we have taken another step further and can really do it in the best possible way. Everything saved in one place! Awesome!

  • Access to the BackInShape VIP Group
  • Weekly check ins, nutrition and exercise tips
  • Questions and answers
  • All info and material stored in one place



  • BackInShape – Training plans
  • Analysis of diet diary and optimization of diet
  • Access to the BackInShape VIP Group
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Questions and answers
  • Motivation, guidance, encouragement and support

Price including VAT. Membership can be paid in one full payment or monthly payments.

” It’s always the right time to start working for a better health!” Robert


Next BackInShape group starts 17.1.2022 and has a limited number of spots available. Therefore, do not wait to send in your application. We look forward to hearing from you!


We want to keep what we promise and be able to give our clients the best possible coaching. We want to be able to give each of you the time, care and focus that you deserve. Therefore, we must keep a limited number of clients who can be coached at a time. We do not work for quantity but quality.

That’s when we — together — succeed.